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All for Fun: Are you a home buyer from hell?

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No one wants to work with a homebuyer from hell. If you want a great home buying experience, choose an agent you trust and then let them do their job of finding a home you’ll be happy with.

How to avoid being a homebuyer from hell? Check out the signs you need to steer clear of at all costs.

  • Not resting until the perfect home is found
  • When it comes to house-hunting, always keep in mind that there’s no perfect home. If you persist on searching until you find one that ticks off every box on your home buying checklist, you may never find a potential one to start with. You also miss out on home buying opportunities when you keep finding too many things wrong with the house you’re looking at.

    Instead, keep an open mind. Look at other types of homes. Ask your real estate agent for options that might suit you. It could help you find a home faster and it could be even better than the ones you were originally looking for.

  • Comparing a home to other properties
  • It’s normal to look at different properties and see which ones are a better fit for your needs and wants. But if you’re constantly comparing the home you’re viewing to other properties or to homes owned by someone you know, you’ll have a difficult time finding a home you’ll be happy with.

    Focus on your own needs and wants and you’ll discover the right home in no time.

  • Disrespecting an open house
  • Another clear sign of a homebuyer from hell is the lack of respect when visiting an open house. Some buyers have a tendency to treat an open house like they already own the property – especially when they turn on appliances without asking, open every drawer and closet door they see, use the bathroom without permission, and let their children run unsupervised around the house.

    Here’s one of many home buying tips: when going to an open house or a showing, always be mindful of the property and its belongings. After all, it’s not your home, yet.

  • Calling too much or at the last minute
  • Calling, texting, and emailing is a faster way of communication, especially if you need to ask your real estate agent questions regarding your home search. However, bombarding your agent with messages doesn’t help.

    Have a talk with your agent and discuss the frequency of updates you can expect from them. Will you send an email every other week asking for regular updates or will your agent update you daily? And what is your preferred method of communicating – calls, email, text, or via messaging apps?

  • Acting like the expert
  • Information is essential during the home buying process. This information is typically supplied by your agent, who will tell you about the current real estate market, the available homes in the area, and how they all affect your home buying needs and wants. Problems arise, however, when the homebuyer starts disregarding the agent’s advice and makes decisions based on their personal research and knowledge.

    Trust the information that your agent gives you. It’s among the most important tips for buying a house. After all, agents are the ones who have access to real estate information that isn’t released to the public and they have a reliable network of experts they can consult.

  • Negotiating at the last minute
  • Before the deal is closed and a home is officially turned over to the buyer, the buyer will do a final walk-through and inspect the home. The final walk- through is not a home inspection. It is simply a final step to ensure that the property is in the condition it was in (including agreed-upon repairs) when you decided to buy it. However, some buyers use this opportunity to start picking the home apart in a last-ditch attempt to lower the price of a home.

    If you have any problems or issues with the property, discuss your concerns with your real estate agent. They will be in the best position to advise you on a course of action before the deal is sealed.

  • Dropping your agent to work with another one
  • and negotiate the best deals. Unfortunately, there are instances when buyers drop their current agent right there and when they spot an available home and another listing agent.

    Unless you’ve signed an exclusive buyer’s broker agreement, you can work with multiple agents if you want to. However, be upfront from the get go – and don’t expect the kind of commitment agents give their exclusive clients.

    Now if you’re dropping an agent, do so professionally and courteously. Inform the agent of your decision and thank them for their service. Then, write a letter to your agent clearly stating that you have terminated your partnership with them. This protects you from paying commissions should issues arise down the road.

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